Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson

Virb vs Squarespace

This will be quick and dirty. Seeing some people making comparisons to the new direction and and how Virb will be different. Here are my thoughts.

Squarespace is awesome. It’s awesome because it opens the doors to letting anyone and everyone to have a website. Drag and drop. That’s cool. I’m a web designer and I think that’s cool. You’d think that I would hate Squarespace for taking away opportunities but the truth is that it opens doors. Themes, a platform. A one-stop hosting, and website building spot. For me though, it falls short in one specific area. After opening up two 14-day trials to test out some ideas on customization, they really don’t have a quick in, quick out (for designer/developer) to customize a site. Can you customize Squarespace? Yep. Is it relatively painless to do? Sure. The point here is that it’s not as easy as it could be for someone who does know what they are doing and just wants to provide a post-project solution for the client to update their own content/site design. Look at Tumblr. It’s pretty easy to customize Tumblr. One file, one template. Done. I’m hoping this is how Virb goes about customization. Give me one file, one template, and all the documentation to make it work, and I’ll be set. And this is how I think Virb will be different from Squarespace.

This is, of course, all hypothetical, unfortunately I don’t have a clue how custom themes will work with yet. But you can bet your ass I’ll be there either way.

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